Sunday, April 04, 2010

The column cm excuse...

We have often heard that arts writers in the rags are only given so many centimeters or words to write about shows and other art experiences. Due to the quantity of invitations/press releases received each week and tight deadlines only a very small portion of work is being looked at and even less again written about.

This severely limits any form of discourse and some resultant text does tend to fall to the level of being a mere travelogue rather than earnest engagement with artworks.

What then when the same writers are cross-published online? Arguable the 'not enough paper' excuse no longer flies so why don't editors expand their content parameters to include more images, video and - most importantly - more indepth text?

In the last few months the visual arts writing from 'The West' has started to appear in a previously no existent section titled 'Arts' (see link) on their website.

Now - as potentially with others - that there is absolutely no reason for us to buy the paper anymore, you do have to wonder if they will use the 'extra' space online to explore the arts community with more gusto?

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