Friday, April 23, 2010

Local suppliers.... whinge, whinge.

It makes me genuinely cringe when you see the extraordinary markups that some retailers (and/or their wholesalers) are putting on products in Perth. I'm 'in the market' for a high-end loupe and got quoted around the $220 mark by a retailer in Perth. This with a note that there was another level again which was 'significantly' more pricey. I poked around in the US and can get the 'base' model the retailer was referring to for US$75 ... NEW. Admittedly I need to fork out the same again for postage but I still come through better off.

Out of curiosity I had a look for the supposedly more pricey model in Perth and another retailer is offering that for $355 (!) Then... the kicker ... I had a look online in the US and that's being sold for just under $50.

It would seem that either the line is being discontinued or something else is going on as that is being offered at an 80% discount.

I get that they will always struggle to match the purchasing power of larger retailers and that anomalies will always be around but I inevitably go into any local dealings with distrust in the back of my mind.

The worst I've ever experienced was - not surprisingly - in a restaurant about 5-6 years ago. We happened across a nice Australian red on the wine list that we knew quite well... it had been marked up from just under $18 (retail) to over $60.

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