Saturday, July 03, 2010

How to be a successful artist in three easy (?) steps...

This is partially tongue-in-cheek but would seem to be the 'way to go'.
1. Garner attention... responsibly.
2. Produce mature work under the resultant 'Gaze'.
3. Continue to produce mature work consistently.

To be a commercially successful artist point one should be expanded to 'Garner attention and make regular sales'.

I guess where many fall is point one. If you get attention for the 'wrong' reasons and then can't follow-up, the gaze is actually a bad thing to have on you.

Others don't want (or can't get) the 'all-knowing' looking in their direction so often end up pushing well into point three without formal, institutional 'attention'.

This is - from my point of view - idealic practice as more mature, well edited work is - when eventually in circulation - much healthier for all involved.

Arguably good work will eventually be noticed but having some form of platform is often critical to that process.

If great work is hanging in your bedroom or buried amongst hundreds of mediocre pieces, it's hardly likely to get the attention it deserves.

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