Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best and worst-case scenario

Best scenario: For all the fear-mongering, irrelevant of who wins the most seats, it would be best if the Greens somehow got the casting vote on policies and the Stephen Fieldings of the world got completely taken out of the equation. A similar scenario happened in the 90's in Germany and although it eventually shattered the Gruenen, it did prove fruitful for more ecological- and socially-driven programs.

Worst scenario: Libs with a free pass. The mini-me Howard-era conservative with a chip on his shoulder combined with bullish Hockey is a frightful prospect. In amongst all the scary bits, there is every chance some of the first chops will be arts-related once they 'get to look at the books and realize they need to fix this and that'.

Feel sick thinking about the second scenario as even if Labor cocked a lot up, for us Abbott is the embodiment of a right-wing wolf dressed up - scantily - in sheep's clothing.

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