Thursday, September 30, 2010

The only fear greater...

... than speaking to a room full of people is speaking to an almost empty room of people. I'm doing an artist talk tonight and I'm genuinely fearful no-one will be there.

I approved the last image for the Brisbane show yesterday after a few anxious moments. I'm finding that I'm over complicating it this time as I seem to be trying to match tones from one image to the next. They - with one exception - will be hung 80-90cm apart on one long wall so I might just be bashing my head unnecessarily against that wall.

I'm frustrated with the work as it's always been a difficult child, even more so given the linear aspects of having eight images in one run. When the images sit in clusters of two or three they work very well but I'm concerned they will appear cold in one large suite.

Not sure what to expect with Brisbane ... Just hope I don't look foolish.

Elisa is working like a woman possessed on her next show as well so it's a tense household. She had a visit from a curator from RMIT on Monday which went well. He came over to see her and one other artist for a triennial that will happen late next year.

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