Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pondering, pandering and proposing....

Today has been rough for a variety of reasons and has left me pondering discontinuing showing large prints in galleries. Given that the shows are to get the mysterious few (MF) - unsuccessfully - to look at my work, I have started to consider whether the considerable amounts of money could be better spent.

I'm thinking about focusing on books as art objects as they are less disposable than 'click culture' or the passing glance when people are looking at works on walls. I've also had much more tangible success through the books that I have previous produced than the shows. Local MFs tend to miss the work actually hung in a gallery for a variety of reasons and those interstate are extremely unlikely to travel for the show.

Admittedly I will lose the immersion aspect that comes with scale but conversely a book form feeds into the narrative component much better.

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