Sunday, October 31, 2010

Original ideas vs good ideas....

So... The opening in Brisbane went really well last night. Everyone was very supportive and I stayed for close to three hours. That alone, for those who know me, is an exceptional achievement!

Being here I've really noticed that good ideas don't necessarily need to be original. I won't name the various parallel universes as originality is held up as some holy Grail in the art world. Suffice to say I have seen quite a bit that if mixed up in a show most people couldn't discern which work belongs to which artist.

It's hard to tell if this or that person is aware of the other but good ideas are still good ideas regardless of whether 2 or 2000 have thought of them. I am assuming that people aren't stupid enough to steal ideas in this day and age so what's ultimately wrong with parallels?

Southbank has got me thinking about the farce that is the Perth foreshore. I was quite surprised as I'd just assumed it would be a party strip but it has a good mixture of high culture, social environments, leisure, food, etc. Perth would never dare be so brash as to copy it one-to-one but perhaps they should. Such things are too much about politic posturing so to not be original and grandeous wouldn't leave this much desired legacy for the tupee crowd.

Southbank very likely has it's own problems but would seem to have multiple streams of public transport feeding to within metres of attractions, is not overcrowded or touristy and even carries off having a stupidly huge ferris wheel without it looking like tokenism.

In the end, the Brisbane experience has been very positive and it's refreshing to feel good about what I put up on the wall .... More over that it actually stayed there!

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