Saturday, October 02, 2010

The pitfalls of over catering...

In 2004 when Elisa had her debut solo show we, amongst other things, organised 60 portions of sushi for the opening. It was a small-ish affair and those who were there turned out to not be particularly keen on sushi. We ended up taking over 30 home with us and it was with great regret that we ended up throwing quite a bit out after trying our best to eat them.

We've had similar experiences with the liquid aspects of such events. For convenience we would fill up a swath of glasses only to find them untouched at the end of the night.

Equally at other events we have held back from filling dozens of glasses only to have grumbling from the drinking crowd when those in hand weren't filled immediately as the vacuous bottom beckoned.

My latest personal experience involved me expending quite a bit of energy to put together a talk about not just my work but also some photographic history. I over catered for the three people that eventually were there. All three of which, whilst interested and kind (for want of a better word) were staff from the venue.

So... essentially no-one turned up. Such things do tend to rock whatever confidence you might have so I find myself wondering if I should avoid - or 'not fill some many glasses' - in the future? At the same time.... If I deliver a half cooked product for fear of such things am I under selling my work?


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