Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ups and downs...

Last week I had two 'might happens' that picked me up a bit. One 'might' happen at the end of the month and hopefully will be a rare moment of having the right people look at the work at the right time. The other was an informal interest in some images being added to a civil collection.

On top of those two, both Elisa and I put work up for the Joondalup Invitational award that we actually liked... Something that is rarer than you might imagine.

five #49 (2010).

Today QCP posted the October/November shows on their website. One of my big fears was context and how my work would or wouldn't fit with the others.

I feel much better for getting a glimpse at the work as I - importantly - very much like the work of the other artists.

That all said, this week I feel like every OTHER moment is giving me paper cuts, pouring lemon juice on it and kicking me in the shins.

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