Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We spend so much of our lives trying to fit into some faint schematic that the institutional overlords have determined as 'right'. In trying to subscribe to these tenets, there is a danger you end up being cold to that outside the (hop-scotch?) square(s). To celebrate the different, Ill-fitting, misaligned and otherwise 'wrong' is a catalyst to the potential discovery of the 'new'.

Whilst imperfect and inevitably rough around the edges, this differentiates art from 'art industry' with the later becoming increasingly quasi-design. This is especially the case in public art circles. Pieces are (half-joking) more 'interpretative signage or architectural flourish' than works of any substance or quality. That is not to say that they all suffer from this but increasingly public art fund allocations seem to be twisted to other purposes to fulfill odd agendas or the works themselves are used as giant, soft, rose-colored spectacles.

Do artists ultimately do themselves a disservice by expending so much energy chiseling off their 'edges' in an attempt to fit into the limited 'holes' the mysterious few make available?

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