Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dynamics of a Reshoot

Typically I'm not such a fan of revisiting something due to a technical 'anomaly'. This is normally just a pride thing - who really wants to admit their mistakes - but it also feels philosophically wrong. The work is supposed to be about discovery as well as that initial experience so it's obviously compromised by the 'been there done that' aspect.

The second experience of making the work is reduced to a simple technical exercise of not c#%king it up again.

Today I visited a site for the third time after the first two shoots proved very fruitful. This last shoot was to tie up a few loose-ends and reshoot two images from a previous shoot as they weren't sharp.

I find that when doing such things, I tend to over-compensate. I actually ended up shooting those two images multiple times to cover all the bases. They were extremely difficult to focus as they were in very low light but I'm hopeful that in amongst the many attempts there will be the 'right' two.

The work will likely add to the content of two books - both from the 'spectacle' vein of 'five' - that I hope to produce over the next few months. These will include work from shoots from the last 5 years and images that are particularly distracted by/distracting in their content.

People tend to find these appealing - for the wrong reasons - so I've held them back. That said, they almost seem to clarify the ideas when put in context... ie. you need something 'black' to see how 'white' (or not) something else is.

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