Saturday, March 12, 2011

Midwest Art Prize @ Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

Last Saturday Elisa was awarded the inaugural 'Midwest Art Prize' at the beautiful Geraldton Regional Art Gallery for her piece 'The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced #24'.

2010 was a particularly difficult and challenging one so the validation of the time, effort and emotional energy invested in this new series was/is very much appreciated. This especially given that the show itself was full of Perth 'stars' and is of a very high standard across the board.

She was, in her words, shocked to have won but nonetheless grateful for the acknowledgment.

It runs through to May 29 at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

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zebra factory said...

Full list of winners is as follows:
City of Geraldton-Greenough Overall Award for Excellence: Elisa Markes-Young for 'The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced #24'; $5,000 Minerals and Metals Group Highly Commended Award: Tony Windberg for Vanishing Points; $5,000 Eastman Poletti Sherwood Architects Mid West Award: Karl Monaghan for 'Wet Salt Stock Pile Lake McLeod'; $5,000 Humfrey land Developments Geraldton-Greenough Award: Gera Woltjer for 'About Love and Nothing Else'; $5,000 Worley Parsons Mid West Aboriginal Award: Ruby McIntosh for 'Native Title Boundaries'; $3,500 Geraldton Regional Art Gallery Youth Award: Lewis Allen for 'All of Which…'