Thursday, May 05, 2011

The problem with ideology....

I was thinking the other day how philosophically driven vegans/vegetarians might reconcile the use of animal manures - supposedly 'obtained' under duress - that support the growth of their food? It is not dissimilar to the anxiety the organic generation faces with produce choice. Ie. Organic food doesn't necessarily equal ethical food, just as it doesn't necessarily mean sustainable, fair trade or local.

In an ideal world, organic 'should' mean something quite specific but as with 'free range' it's true meaning and ideals has been distorted by marketing, loose regulatory definitions and hype.

If we were to sit down and weigh up how specifically every item in our 'shopping basket' has been grown or processed, we would inevitable collapse in a quivering heap.

This is not to say that ideals should be dissolved, but there is a line where most have to compromise simply to survive.

Early in my 'career' there was always this fantastical statement that if you are a true artist you will 'make it work' regardless. That said, those who were forced to work part-time are almost seen as lesser than those who somehow can sustain a full-time creative practice.

This is potentially dangerous as those who have third party support that keeps them afloat are not necessarily any more sincere or righteous than those who have to spend a portion of their time simply baking crusts.

It is also biased towards those who are financially successful. Just because something sells, it is not necessarily 'good'.

Personally, the creative 'gig' is - as for most - a disaster financially and equates to literally cents per hour if you were to apply 'real world' standards.

I am long past the insecurities about the quality (and equally faults) of the work itself but will still put in the effort regardless of ideals. The ideal shifts from some utopia to simply making the next piece better and learning from the experience.

Just as we subscribe to lifestyle and food ideals, we can't and shouldn't have sleepless nights about every gram of 'life' that crosses our paths.

If work doesn't sell, the show isn't reviewed or xyz didn't get out of bed it doesn't mean the work is 'bad'.

Bitterness whilst immediately satisfying - blame transference - doesn't accomplish much other than leaving one hungrily and anxiously looking at the label on the packet.

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