Thursday, June 30, 2011

Opportunity for Cafes/Restaurants

In keeping with the socially sustainable principles of artworks, artists want to showcase local food producers and explore how they can support cafes/restaurants. Rather than use cheap, nasty fast food to feed creative people, the artists believe this would be a great opportunity for local producers, cafes and restaurants to specifically feed and sustain artists and gain exposure to a broad range of people who may not necessarily purchase their products or visit high-end cafes and restaurants.

Each selected producer, cafe or restaurant would - provided sufficient notice is given - be able to visit the artist with potential clients up to four times a year for up to two years. Further to this, displayed next to each meal would be contact details of the producer, cafe or restaurant, so if any visitors were interested in eating a similar meal, or seeing more of their food, they could contact the producer, cafe or restaurant directly. No commission would be charged by the artist on any sales generated and no fee would be charged for this unique opportunity.

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