Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Prickly is the wind

Quite often when going through the process of gaining access to new locations for my work I encounter a handful of ‘prickly’ questions. I’m finding it harder and harder lately to answer these queries in good ‘conscience’. These include – amongst others - ‘What are the images for?’, a bigger ‘Why?’ and ‘Where will they be shown?’

The answers to the first and second are quite often too abstract for most, ie. I’m making work simply because that’s just what I do. The third is difficult as I can hardly say I’d be wasting my time/money/energy trying to show work in Perth and they’ll likely never see the full prints 'conveniently' on a big, pretty white wall. In the often parochial climate of Perth this tends to not go down well. Typically I fall back to a ‘book’ idea... Slowly there are a small library of books to make!

I have to confess to feeling a bit ‘puff-less’ of late. Genuinely struggling to find enthusiasm due to a lack of purpose and ... dare I say it ... hope.

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