Monday, March 05, 2012

Upcoming FotoFreo 2012 shows....

FotoFreo 2012 is looking very interesting (and coming up fast!) with major shows by a variety of local and international artists as well as quite a bit otherwise going on. Rather than summarize it here, details can be found on FotoFreo's website (

I noticed today that Kelly Hussey-Smith ( will also be showing some work out at the Midland Yards as part of the Open Programme. Kelly exhibited very interesting images at QCP when I had 'five' up there in late 2010. Highly recommended.

Everything's finalized for my shows with 'seven' to be installed Saturday morning (March 10) and then running through to March 23. There will be an informal 'opening' on March 14 from 5pm will all welcome.

The Council House show starts on March 14 and runs through to June 15. Opening times are normal office hours Monday through Friday with it also being open on the opening weekend of the festival.

Event pages on Facebook
Seven @ Kurb Gallery:
Seven from Five @ Council House:

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