Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sticks, stones, etc, etc.

A few thoughts of late.

If 'Established' is greater than 'Mid-Career' which is turn is greater than 'Emerging' how then do we reconcile the following?
1. An emerging artist whose 'chute' has failing to open?;
2. An emerging artist with a broken wing?;
3. A relapsed emerger?;
4. A serial emerger?; and
4. A mid-career artist who drastically changes their practice? ie. a significant medium/motif change?


Ruth Halbert said...

The original idea of a linear progression & a hierarchy is a time-wasting distraction; purely for pundits, and those focused on some idea of career path. Make art, show art, write about art (with intelligence & curiosity) forget the rest.

zebra factory said...

Well put young Ruth! 'Show Art' though is often filtered institutionally based on these terms. ie. some galleries only show 'emerging artists', others 'mid-career', etc. The later - obscenely - often won't look past a resume.