Saturday, November 19, 2005

Green and the number eleven (11)

Recently a few jobs I've worked on have been quite interesting in that,
ironically enough, all three included various quantities and qualities of
the colour green.

It's a very hard colour to pick to satisfy someone - yellows and especially
oranges come a close second.

You get comments like 'a bit more lemony', 'a bit more olive', 'dirtier',
'cleaner', 'grass-ier', etc.

This is even further complicated by other issues such as various types and
qualities of monitors as well as low-end colour printers. Barring a high-end
colour proof (which no-one wants to pay for any more) or Pantone chips it's
extremely difficult to communicate the colour to a client.

Have decided that I don't like the colour any more --- have 'issues' with

... and the number 11 is tormenting me as well. Almost every day I look at
the clock and hit exactly 11:11am. Must be a bit of a Kölner infection as
November 11, 11:11am has a particular significance in that part of the

We hated carnival with a passion as it essentially shut the city down for
the 'rest of us'!

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