Friday, December 23, 2005

Diana Toy Cameras

Feeling a bit nostalgic -- as you do this time of year -- I was thinking back to my first ever camera and how it both broke my heart and changed my life at the same time.

Back in 1982 (when I was 8) my family went for an o.e. to Sydney for three weeks.

Not long after we arrived I bought with my allowance a 'toy' camera at some sort of market. Not sure anymore but I think it cost $5.

It was made from blue plastic and had the shutter release on the side of the lense. I can't remember much more than that and I've only recently recognised it as being either an original Diana or a clone thereof.

The heart breaking moment came on the plane when flying back. It was only then that I discovered -- things are a bit hazy as it's a long time ago -- that the lense cap was somehow inside the camera and all my photos were potentially rubbish. Which, as it happened, they were.

When we did get home I do remember shooting at least a few photos with it. In particular one of my brother wearing pantyhose that came up to his neck (ha ha!).

I do remember quite clearly the joy that I got from seeing those photos. They were very crude black and white images but I (that's with a capital 'I') had made them using what even I knew was just a toy.

My parents had scoffed when I bought it and there was a genuine satisfaction and big 'see!?!' to the whole experience.

It's all very cyclic as the Holga is becoming more and more the Lomo MkII and I've also since discovered that the Diana has a cult following.

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