Friday, July 14, 2006

Data collection & other stuff!

I don't know if it's a 'normal' thing or not but I noticed today a council
worker obviously making notes and comparing graffiti that was on the back of
a road sign.

Should they catch said 'artist' do they then use that data in any
prosecution? Or is it just statistical? ie. we have 4 little horrors who
normally cover suburb x, y & z. I wonder how much other data is collected?

Traffic data would be interesting. They have all these tickers all over
Perth which must amount to a mammoth amount of information ... including the
holy grail. What exact time in the morning do I have to leave to avoid all
the noddys and traffic in general?!?

I won 'The Broken Keys' on RTR the other week which is a great little album.
Also purchased the new Sleepy Jackson, a re-release of Janis Joplin's Pearl,
the Monsieur Gainsbourg sampler
( and, of all things,
the pilot episode to Moonlighting on DVD.

I've rediscovered that the Strokes are one of the few things in the world
that make me genuinely happy. I couldn't care less if they're derivative or
even that they're American... It's just music that, when played, I notice a
real change in my mood.

A non-Pharmacological antidepressant perhaps?

I have been in two great locations recently which have given up around 15
new images. One was an old school and yesterday there was an abandoned
medical centre. Access to both was arranged through various councils and it
was a totally blind experience ... ie. I had no idea what they looked like

They presented unique challenges, least of which was time and space. But
ultimately they gave me what I needed which is obviously not a bad thing!

There is a real feeling of discovery involved that is very satisfying.

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