Thursday, August 10, 2006

Colour is the bain of my existance

I'm working on 5 new images at the moment and colour is a key element in the
mood of each image. The problem with this is that a very subtle shift in the
saturation or tone pushes it from being dull and flat to kitsch.

It's extremely difficult to find that 'sweet spot' in the middle. There is a
blue tone common in three of the images and a pink in another. Add to this a
slight yellow cast (all interior shots with natural light coming through
windows) that is across the board and roughly a half stop

It's all enough to give one very sleepless nights!

They all have a distinctive retro feel and whilst I'd like to maintain it,
I'm also conscious that they could look overdressed if that's

We went and saw the Erwin Olaf show at the John Curtin Gallery today. Great
to revisit Royal Blood (which I first saw in 2000/01 in Cologne) and also to
see the other works 'in the flesh'.

He is one of the better exponents of expressing a diametric opposite to what
would typically be called beautiful ... yet the works have a stunning beauty
to them. This is much more than technique but it's very hard to explain that
concept to people!

My favourite images are the four portraits that are very intimate and quite
extraordinary. I also like the idea that he himself is quoted in the images.
This would be very simple to correct so it would seem conscious. It makes
the act of making the image a crucial element to the soul of the image as

As Jemma would say .... Next Victim!

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