Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wearing the wrong skin

Do you ever get a feeling like you're literally wearing the wrong skin? It's
not some 'x trapped in a y' sort of feeling but more like you've got on a
pair of ill fitting pants.... well ... all over.

There's a desperation in the feeling that's extraordinary. Something that
would be fantastic to harness but at the same time is very distressing to

There is a sense of panic in the helplessness of it all. The feelings are
intense enough to force focus on what has caused/is causing that panic.

This concentration can be a relief but can (and in my case does) also
heighten the senses even more.

I can only imagine it's the images that are causing me this grief and I need
to get rid of them mentally and physically as soon as possible.

Whoever said that 'good work should hurt' should be hurt!

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