Wednesday, September 27, 2006

News 'victims' as marketing images

A new series of posters for Channel 9 (I think) in Perth are doing the
rounds of the bus stops. Amongst others is a portrait (ie. tightly cropped
and quite intimate) of everyone's favourite drug mule - Schappelle Corby.

Supposedly the point being that the dramatic news breaking happens on 9. At
the same time it also looks like Ms Corby is endorsing Channel 9 as 'more
better' than other news outlets.

It would be interesting to know if she was paid for it and, if so, if it's
technically 'profits from crime' considering she's been convicted?

There's a fine line between journalism and marketing. Can you use a
journalistic image to market a company? Are any people portrayed due
royalties if the source of the image is journalistic? Do they have to sign
model releases if it's shot in a public forum -- ie. a crowd of people?

How would it be treated if, for example, they were to use an image of
rioters at Cronulla?

There are also other posters with the Tassi miners. They quite publicly
'cleaned up' through 9 so I'd imagine that would have been part of their

Just messy thoughts that needed writing.

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