Friday, September 22, 2006

Photo shoot inside an empty (modern) church

I finally got access to a place I've had in my visor for quite a few
months. Fantastic location and as such I easily managed to roll off
five 120s in less than an hour --- that being the slot I could get.

The best images were those not immediately visible from the outside.
All the little corners, details and closed off rooms had much more
character than the main space I'd originally found so appealing.

I like the idea of going into a space blind. All of the last three
major location shoots I've done have been 90% blinkered as I couldn't
see anything from the outside. I had simply 'guessed' that they would
be interesting inside.

I must admit that it took me 2-3 hours to come down from the adrenalin
rush for some reason today. Really tried to squeeze as much as I could
into the time and it all meant I had to be hyper aware and quick when
working. Quite literally was shaking afterwards.

Anyway... hope the images play nice after all that!

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