Saturday, February 03, 2007

Street Children of Butare

Street Children of Butare
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At the time, the genocide in Rwanda really had a profound effect on me. The craziness of humanity in fever was really quite confronting. I purchased a book from Gilles Peress called 'The Silence' and consider it one of the most important photojournalism books I ever seen.

It is very intense and alarming but at the same time put the whole moment into context. It also offers a timeline that is very concerning considering the disinterest of some governments and blatant 'support' of the events from others.

Whilst these photos don't relate to that moment directly I think that they show a people of great spirit in hardship and are exceptionally beautiful on many levels.

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zebra factory said...

As an update to this post. I read this on BBC this morning. This relates to the complicity of - in particular - the French Government in various aspects of the genocide.