Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Typographical Skills of Petrol Station Managers

It's a pet peeve I know but it drives me to delirium that our local petrol station insists on some rather consistent 'creative license' with number forms.

I can forgive an '8' being upside down although it does look ridiculous and even the '6' being turned on it's head for a '9' which also looks odd.... what I can't accept is a '2' turned for a '5' or vice versa.

I've also seen '1's upside down at the same 'offender' ....

I know, I know .... 'world wide anarchy going on, who cares about a petrol station's typographical skills' ... I can only argue that calm in text smoothes even the cruelest of messages!

Side note: there is a petrol station I've always wanted to photograph in Yanchep that have a largish sign with space for only two characters. Obviously with petrol safely over $1 they've 'improvised' a third number as an 'attachment' ... quite beautiful in it's own way.

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