Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stranger in a stranger land...

So.... I've started work on (another) new series of work - that makes three on the go at the moment - called 'Stranger in a Strange Land'. It will be abbreviated to SIASL to make it at least a bit more abstract.

It has nothing to do with the Sci-Fi novel but in some ways the themes intersect.

Essentially the series is botanical and relates to the invasive nature of non-native plants into a landscape. Some being beneficial, some most definitely not so. The series is not necessarily political but conclusions could be drawn re. european settlement and the bringing of a sense of 'home-ness'.

The series was spawned (excuse the pun) from sitting in a park one day looking at heavily seedpod-laden tree. I like the idea of contrasting both native and non-native leaf and seed forms against each other.

First experiments have been 'pleasing'.

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