Sunday, April 15, 2007

Being a 'professional'...

Both Elisa and I have recently re-entered the murky waters that are grant applications --- and we must say that the water is a bit nippy!

We've filed New Work grants through OzCo and will also file Arts Development grants with ArtsWA.

Artsource recently ran a series of workshops for the OzCo grants which were both very informative and extremely helpful.

The ArtsWA grants are much more involving and involve a major time/energy committment. That said, Rob Finlayson from DCA has been extremely helpful and supportive.

We realised through the process that 'slickness' is crucial and this has caused us to really re-evaluate and finetune artist statements, resumes, photography and the like. It's all a LOT of work that supposedly will prove a solid footing as new work develops.

It has also helped us to finetune creative, conceptual and professional goals over both the short- and long(ish)-terms.

I suppose the key thing is that if we really want to make a go of it, we have to treat it like a business and manage it as such. It feels so cold somehow but it's all a very necessary evil.

Man I hate being a grownup!

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