Friday, July 27, 2007

Thinking out loud...

I was writing an email to a friend about some 'stuff' and came up with a few good analogies for the drei portraits.

Typically the people who are imaged are metaphorical (they 'represent' someone or something in my life) or literal (ie. very important in some way).

I'm terrified of people so the engagement itself is quite important for me from a creative point of view.

The final prints are huge (1000mm x 700mm) and VERY detailed. The idea is that there is a paradox in the confrontation. The people are making eye contact and are almost challenging the viewer whilst the viewer themselves is empowered to examine their 'confronter' in an intimacy not normally afforded.

It's all a bit like being able to walk right up to a screaming person and feel their breath without any threat of a bite.

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