Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to 'deliver' a web address...

It's quite amusing and occassionally annoying how people give out their web addresses.

Some examples:

1. Once on the phone: 'Triple double u, dot, company X, dot, com'... and 'The three double 'u's' on Classic FM.

2. Heard on the bees: 'Dub dub dub, dot, company x, dot, com'

3. It seems to be cool to drop the 'dot' ... but just the first one! Just add a pause between www and company x.

4. A large portion of the populace seem to have no idea what a hyphen is. I set up the domain especially for these people.

5. Particularly annoying is 'wo, wo, wo, dot, company x, dot, d, e'... only the German speakers amongst you will get that one. It was on some skit show as far as I can remember and was picked up by popular culture ... translates to 'where', 'where', 'where' in case you're interested.

... and worst of all...

6. 'Just google company x and we should be in there somewhere'.... grrr!

Listening to Amon Tobin's The Foley Room... double grrr with Big Furry Head.

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