Thursday, August 16, 2007

In a previous life....

... I was third fastest kid at my Primary School - or second equal depending on how the wind was blowing on a given day.

Not long afterwards I retired (at my peak?) from my professional athletics career. This third seems to have stuck, even after I'd moved on to other things.

Just as a side note: Tracey Moffat did a great series of work in 2001 on the fourth placers from the Sydney Olympics.

Anyway... I got third in one and an honourable mention in another of the categories of the IPAs.

This out of 20,000+ entries from 90+ countries so nothing to sneeze at.

The 50 or so 'place getters' are published in a book and prints will tour 9 international cities over the course of the next year. Good exposure either which way.

Stars that are clear have been dead for years. - Bright Eyes


broken english said...

Congratulations! Super!
(In which category are you "honourable mentioned"? On the website i found the third place)

zebra factory said...

thanks ... in the very ambigiously named 'fine art - other'.