Monday, August 06, 2007

The Problem with Rejection

Seems like a stupid thing to write but very much relevant at the moment.

Everything in our lives goes in ebbs and flows and at the moment it's all a bit of a trough.

No point in listing the knockbacks as really not that important or even interesting... It does however have the effect of taking the (very slight) breeze out of your sails.

It would be great to approach the whole experience with a sense of optimism but that is hard when the dreaded "We regret to inform..." seems to prefix every second sentence at the moment.

Maybe a 'P' or a 'G' word should be added to the two 'E' words?

"Themes.... what good are they" - Stephen Fry.

The problem comes when you pin your already fragile hopes on this or that event.... The sense of disappointment becomes all the more tragic.

Ultimately the finite aspect of a 'Yes' or 'No' doesn't 'necessarily' feed into other events, although we secretly hope it could be 'The Start'.

I have no idea how to approach it... confidence in your own work obviously 'should' be a self-inflicted but acknowledgement does help make it much more tangible.

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broken english said...

I think, everyone who experiences the lousy feeling of being rejected from time to time isn't in a completey bad situation. It doesn't make the feeling right, but on the other hand it proves to him, that he is trying to push forward, that he is trying to expand himself towards other people. Rejection is only avoidable if you don't move, if you don't try to grow. If someone tells me, he's never been severely rejected in his life, I pity him. He propably never tried to cross the line into uncharted territory.
Again, knowing that doesn't make you happier. But it's the price we sometimes have pay for trying to contribute beyond ourselfs. I think it's worth it.