Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Watching Mr Howard eat himself alive....

It's hard not to cringe when you hear John Howard clutching for straws.

After claiming it was all "Me & Pete" when it came to low interest rates, now it's all the State's fault as soon as they go up and Up and UP.

I make no claim to being a financial wizzkid but in layperson's terms doesn't that logic also mean that the interest rates were previously LOW because of the States?

This would seem to make sense when you consider - as we are repetitedly told - that the Queensland and WA resources sectors are the 'engine rooms' of the country. Without the royalties the budget would paint a very different picture.

I realise that is oversimplier-fying everything but politicans tend to forget that people aren't really as stupid as they seem to imagine but still apathetic enough to not look at an issue in too much depth.

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