Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ride, asleep at the wheel, cynicism, Mr Viola... et al

Going Blank Again got a thrashing from a flatmate back in the day and seriously got into my skull, under my skin, etc.

Very tired after a long week... zoning out whilst driving home which is not a good sign.

The print for Joondalup is back and flattening on the floor. Wasn't too sure about it when I first saw the image at full-size but it has grown on me. Little bit too subversive (subtle of course) for its purpose though. Whatever... as long as it catches one or two eyes. The Bankwest print is giving me a sore neck!

I challenge any human being not to twist an ankle (or two) listening to this!

Was looking for some Nathan Haines and stumbled on this..... was played a few times (that I heard at least) on RTR quite a while back and never clicked.

The IPA/Lucies Best of Show is opening next Saturday at Splashlight Studios in New York.

Proud to be in amongst the company, especially Matt Hoyle who's work I truly admire. Icebergs caught my eye when it was in circulation a few years ago. Most of the work is a bit too clean but I still like the mood a lot. Cinemaricana is quite beautiful and reminds me of Erwin Olaf's Grief and Rain series - some of which was shown at Curtin.

Speaking of Curtin! The impermanence show is well worth a visit. Both Elisa and I think Bill Viola is great and it's refreshing to see his work in the flesh. Experiential work has always interested me and some pieces are very moving.

Ocean Without a Shore at the Venice Biennale is truly beautiful.

There is a great mini-docu on Tateshots that gives a wonderful look inside the process as well as well filmed documentation.

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