Saturday, November 03, 2007

Monumental Albums

A number of albums have changed my life over the years and I've recently been revisiting them.

I never was cool enough to be a real goth - that's saying something in hindsight isn't it? - but I still thought The Cure was the centre of the universe for a while there.

Disintegration (1989) really blew my mind when I first got it and I remember playing it over and over and over. It wet my appetite for more and I pleaded with the younger brother of the only über goth at our school to get him to copy some of his records onto tape for me.

After a bit of procrastination, he put down various tracks from Three Imaginary Boys (1979) and Seventeen Seconds (1980) - I was completely hooked.

Going back - as the band obviously does - the songs still seem fresh. The whole synthy thing is less pronounced and Mr Smith is 'quirker' but the strength of the music bridges the gap.

A Forest would seem the song to play but I thought it more interesting to show something else. This video is from 2005:

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broken english said...

I completely agree. "Seventeen Seconds" was a monumental album. And it was - together with "Faith" and "Pornography" (still the most depressive album in music history. this one#s hard to listen to now.) - a major turning point for my acoustic and aesthetic coming of age.
Funny, "Desintegration" was your first contact with Cure. For me it was the last contact, the last album i bought. I was on a concert of the Desintegration Tour which blew my mind of, an absolutely great performance.