Monday, November 05, 2007

Beautiful Things

Whilst driving home tonight I stumbled across a mind-spinning song from Lasairfhíona ní Chonaola. She was singing a song called Bean Pháidín/Páidín's Wife which was unreal - for want of a better word.

Couldn't find that... but this will do nonetheless!

Last week, The Emperor Concerto won the ABC's 'Favourite 100 Concertos' thingie just ahead of Rachmaninoff's second.

There seemed to a bit of a (unnecessary) stink amongst the 'populace' that Sean O'Boyle's Concerto for Didgeridu came in at 32. For those who might not have heard it, it is little wonder it turned up so high on such a list. I have talked about William Barton before and he really is stunning.

Unfortunately nothing up on YouTube but you can listen to a very brief sample here. What I heard was more ethereal and likely one of the other pieces from the CD.

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