Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I don't profess to be...

... an expert in painting by any stretch but this is a bit sad!

Artlife - with tongue in cheek - has picked Dad, what a smile as the likely winner.

On current form it will almost certainly go to Ms Barton although I do like the manifesto-esque Simon and Maggie portrait (Barry McCann). You just have to wonder if it's being ironic.

I also appreciate the irony in Leslie Rice's Adam Cullen 'portrait' given the violence in the subjects work... after the various stinks over the years I can imagine that would break the back of the beast.

Given Rice's win in the 2007 Moran Prize (see the Finalists from that year -- ????) it's unlikely they will 'treat' him again though.

Update: Well it doesn't happen very often that I get something like that right! Ms Barton won with this image.

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