Friday, March 07, 2008

More FotoFreo - Hijacked

I picked up the flyers for FotoFreo on Tuesday and amongst the name dropping two names popped up.

The first of which was Shen Wei who by all accounts is a star or (at least) a future star.

I first saw Shen's work when he was voted a Hot Shot in the Fall 2006 edition of HHS. This was one of the editions where I got a Honorable mention. Yeah for me!

Recently voted as one of PDN's Top 30 Emerging Photographers, his work is part of the edition of Hijacked (see this post as well) that will be produced during the festival.

Not sure if the work will be shown real size or not - either which way, some how it's all tied into the Artsource exhibition space.... not sure what/where that is but I'm sure the dust will clear.

Together with Shen is another (soon to be if not already) super star called Amy Stein. Her name pops up relatively consistently - rightfully so - and the work is often very poignant.

The series that seems to be getting the most interest is Domesticated, in particular this image. Amy also has a blog that makes for interesting reading.

There are many more names involved in the edition but I thought I'd focus on these two first. By all accounts, it will be a very interesting show.

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