Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stuff & Nonsense

A few things running around my head that I'll feel better for when they ... well... aren't running around my head.

I picked up the last (!) of the prints this morning and dropped them in for final treatment by my finisher. Almost happy with life at the moment but that will surely change... still wild mood swings going on!

Also approved the proofs of both of the books and went and saw the Kevin Gordon show at Form.

The later was stunning - truly inspirational stuff.

I have been thinking for quite a while about the idea of quantifying the shows in a different way than the easy to trace dollars and cents. How many thousands of kilometres of driving were involved, number of films shot, total digital parameters and that sort of statistical nonsense. To be honest, it made my head spin and even made me feel a bit guilty.

Got the new Black Keys on Wednesday which is not really what I thought it would be. It will need a few listens to get used to. When I heard Danger Mouse had produced I'd assumed - rightly - that it would be polished compared to their previous efforts but I somehow expected a different sheen.

It's not bad - in fact, actually quite depressing and sorrowful, just like I like it! - but rather has lost a bit of it's edge.

I stumbled on this piece about smile & blinking detectors in camera processors. The 'mini' camera is VERY disturbing though!

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