Sunday, June 08, 2008

Breath in, breath out!

In the late 90s, when all things lounge and 'obscure' in my little universe were king, Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys was firmly number 1 on my want list for an obsessively - and quite disturbingly - long time.

I scoured the internet, harassed retailers on gemm, etc, etc - to no avail. Still extremely hard to find.

I had a similar 'problem' with the soundtrack to Monkey Magic (Godiego). This I did manage to get and even found some old DVDs. I have to admit it wasn't exactly Shakespeare but we loved it as kids in New Zealand.

I also had a 'thing' about getting the soundtrack to early Bruce Lee films - for whatever reason - and was over the moon when I found them in a record shop in Cologne.

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