Monday, June 02, 2008

New work, ideas and other 'stuff'...

Recently ideas have been crystalising for a new series of work that I'm genuinely excited about. I now have 6-7 streams that are ongoing but I think one particular conceptual approach will keep me occupied for the next few months at least.

In drei and some other work I have explored a forensic approach to scenes both philosophically and practically as well as looked at creating an ambiguous 'space' for emotional response.

I like the idea of 'breaking' the subject to explore what makes it tick - almost like a cubist autopsy. What components - tone, texture, colour, expression - give a subject character and how do they work in isolation? Do they become ineffectual when recontextualised or fragmented?

Not so much the Duchamp doctrine but more about looking at the subject on a - if you'll excuse the photographic term - macro level.

And on the second day of winter....

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