Monday, September 29, 2008

I surrender...!

After much resistence I have finally given up ... Ipod touch should arrive some time this week....

The iPhone scratches me in all the right prices with the exception of it being a phone ... ironically enough. The plans far exceed my telephone usage so it's a total waste of money to pay $70+ when I only make maybe $20 worth of calls - if that - in a month.

The touch does everything I want - especially now that it has apps - is, relatively speaking, cheap and it won't yell at me!

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broken english said...

I think you will not regret it. I bought one some weeks ago and i decided in favour for the ipod touch exact for the reasons you mentioned. I didn't want the phone. (And without phone you didn't have to jailbreak it) This tool is a nice gadget. The sync with my calendar, contacts and todos works perfectly and the little safari-browser is great. Have fun!