Friday, September 19, 2008

Verbs, images & other screams in the night!

Feeling a certain amount of verbosity tingling under my skin, I finally managed to finish off some text for Elisa's work. It's extraordinarily hard to write about work that you live with so I've tried to look at the series in a broader sense.

The second photo shoot at the 'mystery' location went really well. It was quite surreal as it was very hurried and loaded with dread. There was an intense quiet in large portions of the space contrasted with some very heavy earth works a bit too close for my liking - this especially so where the ceiling was being supported by scaffolding.

Not sure why but I had a feeling that I was being watched the whole time. The building was spread over 5-6 floors (with halfs and basements) so running around carrying all my equipment proved to be rather painful. As it was, I got what I was after although I did find that the second visit had more walking in it that photo-making.

I ended up rolling off 12-13 films over a total four hour period. With a bit of editing I would say that approximately 30 'substantial' shots will come out of the exercise plus some sentimentals for heritage officionados. I've offered and signed an agreement to keep the space nameless given that some of the content is a bit dark... for want of a better word.

This location is now close to being 'sealed' (if not already) so I was lucky to get in just prior to the committal to redevelopment.

So... all that's left to write about is the screaming... I committed to not changing the post title so now I have to make up some guff. Maybe screams of joy would be appropriate...

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Feb 19 next year... I'm assuming as part of PIAF....

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