Sunday, October 05, 2008

What my head is doing at any given moment...

I've been mucking about with the idea of writing some opus to clarify what's bouncing around my head at any given moment. This mindmap was some outlining idea.

I've noticed that I struggle with certain aspects of creating, not least of which with the idea of value. This was just 10 minutes of scrawling at traffic lights one morning and is VERY vague.

The above doesn't even begin to look at the commodity side of creation, let alone the other dynamics of any form of social/financial interaction. I imagine the 'presentation' tag would expand rather dramatically to the right as well as the 'critical' to the left... looking 'up' would be the whole idea of product and associated monetary value. This would intertwine rather violently with 'presentation'.

Enough to make your head spine when you try to represent it... watch this space!

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