Friday, November 28, 2008

A bit of this, a bit of that...

On December 19, The Devil and Abbe May will launch their debut album Hoodoo you do at the Fly By Night Club. Hard to find much online but they have setup a MySpace page
When not writing music for the Rockin' Pneumonia, Abbe May sings for The Devil, a shambolic voodoo blues band with members from The Kill Devil Hills, The Lazy Railway and The Rockin' Pneumonia.

No video yet around of this Perth Supergroup but Drinking Too Much from The Kill Devil Hills seems an apt taster.

Update: A jam video was uploaded of the group rehearsing. Album is on sale from December 22.

More and more I'm finding dirty voices interesting. William Whitmore being the king on them all. There's a podcast from Southern Records that makes for interesting listening. He finally gets around to singing about 80% in.

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