Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ZF Awards - Margaret River 2008

For anyone who wants to hear an opinion...

Best Restaurant Experience
Vasse Felix (Friday Lunch)

Best Entree
Scallops at Cullen (Thursday Lunch)
Charcuturie at Vasse Felix (Friday Lunch)

Best Main
Venison & Blue Swimmer Crab + Snapper Fritters at Clairault (Sunday Lunch)

Friendliest Cellar Door

Best Cellar Door(s)
Hayshed, Edwards and Windance

Best Red Wine
2 (!) wines at Windance - top secret which ones!

Best White Wine
Edwards 2007 Chardonnay

Best wine we bought blind
i.e not available to taste but supposedly great...
Victory Point 2005 (?) Cabernet & The Growers 2006 Shiraz

Best Wine Labels

Best Surprise!
Finding The Growers purely by accident... and their criminally cheap wines.

Lack of warmth in service at Lamonts (Saturday Lunch)... pulled the very nice food down.

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