Saturday, February 07, 2009

A word or two on effort...

I'm having a bit of an off day and can't get something out of my head.

It all comes down to effort and the problem when expectation of outcome is tied to it.

It is really a capitalist idea - tangibles, outcomes-motivated actions etc - but one that does take up at least a bit of my head space.

As I've asked before, do I expend effort on a hopeless cause? If those limited avenues 'open' to me are very much not so, is there perhaps a better place to put my 'resources'?

Perhaps the problem is not the avenues themselves but rather than my resources are insufficient, incapable or even inept at being ... well ... resourceful.

Resources is perhaps a poor choice of term but it shall remain in place. What I essentially mean is much broader than financial considerations but encompasses skills, personal, sociologically and intellectual factors.

This same concept seems to be hitting me at the moment across the board - thus the 'down' - and I guess I find myself wondering is it worth it?

Feeling more helpless than usual so I apologise for the angsti-ness of it all.

... If you do your art and the market rejects you, though, you need to make a choice. If your art has no market, it's still art. It just might not be a living.

A timely comment from Seth Godin.

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