Saturday, April 04, 2009

A bit of an update on 'five'...

So... hacking along with all things 'want-a-be' and have been putting together work for my next show.

At the moment I'm looking at showing 15 images and - with the exception of one wall in the venue (PCP) - I would seem to be relatively settled.

Of the 15, 9 are in 'stone' with the balance proving a bit harder than I'd expected. I think there is the pyschological issue in that as they are in one line they should work together.

Ideally I should just pick 6 strong images that communicate what I want to communicate but from a curatorial standpoint the steps shouldn't jar. The problem occurs when you might pick a weaker image because it works better over a better image that 'doesn't fit' as well.

I collected the first of the full size prints on Wednesday from 'my' lab and I'm very happy with the results.

There is always an issue with size - ie. the illusion that you 'have' to print big and how that is criticised - but at the same time I think it's integral to the visceral response I'm after. The works should envelope you so that when you are in close proximity the images should dominate your vision. I also think the detail aspect - the hyper-real - is further extended by the size. Dust becomes very much speckles of 'dust' rather than just a uniform, grey tone.

I visited the space again on Friday afternoon and a show was up with a similar configuration to what I want to do. It most definitely won't look as gappy as I'd originally imagined. The space I'm in goes in an 'L' shape which I find a bit disconcerting but it didn't feel as broken as I'd originally imagined. I had proposed for the nice enclosed secondary space as I like the intimacy but there is a drama in the primary space which should prove fruitful.

There will be a second show at the same time in a separate room from Corinne Bates.... I'm not too sure what to expect but I do like her work. Slight was shown in Melbourne in January so it would be interesting to see if something else will manifest.

I got my copy of Art/Work a few days ago and have been enjoying flicking through it so far. A lot of the stuff is re-affirmation of quite simple stuff but it still contains a lot of fresh ideas.

There is a refreshing lack of pretension in the book and whilst the 'quotes' are a bit annoying from a content perspective they do provide a first-hand manifestation of what's good, bad, ugly, etc.

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