Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exhibition Anxiety

I'm tossing about the idea of putting together the next 'leg' of five as a FotoFreo 2010 Fringe Exhibition.

There were originally going to be 5-6 locations that should provide material for the five concept but only two were 'in the can' in time for the show to be conceptually finalised prior to production.

Another two locations have since been shot but I wasn't that happy with the 'feel' of the work (too clean) so didn't include them at the show at PCP in a last minute reshuffle.

Feedback on that new work has been very positive - from the few that have seen the images - but it didn't quite fit with the overall phrasing of the PCP show.

I have two more locations in mind that I'd like to do. Both present various logistical, financial and creative challenges... one even involves having a bodyguard!

The anxiety stems from a lack of 'obvious' location to show any resultant work... I'd ideally like a simple, white and well-lit box but such places are few and far between in the 'village'.

All the avenues I've looked at are either too large (I'd need to pull a group together with all those associated problems), likely 'busy' or messy in some way.

I've noticed how stressed I'm getting by the whole exercise of trying to find a venue.

I also heard on Friday that I struck out again on 'something' - ambiguity rules the roost at the moment due to a variety of reasons. I actually held (unnecessary and - in hindsight - foolish) hope for that to come through.

The project, whilst originally utopian in nature, seduced me the more I looked into the complexity (personally and sociologically) that might have coloured the images.

Put simply... I could never afford to do the work otherwise. Given that total numbers would be in five figures (if you'll excuse the lame pun) it was prohibitively expensive to self-fund.

If I were to sell some images in the show then maybe but otherwise consider the project canned for another day... or decade.

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