Friday, July 24, 2009

More manifesto-ish stuff...

Again from Mr Paton:
Today, artists seldom hitch their wagon to a particular movement but take what they need where they find it. There are no reigning isms, unless you count Professionalism - the watchful pursuit of an art career. The downside of this is a draining away of argument: when anything goes, the danger is that nothing counts. But there is an upside: instead of worrying about whether [an artwork] is going to make it on to history's A list, we have to decide why we value its company right here and now.

The 'anything goes' proclamation is often touted as a devaluing force by commentators. That said, in the arts there are many walls that disprove this rather idealogical concept.

It's more 'anything goes... but ... don't step over - or left or right of - this invisible line I've - in my capacity as tenet-holder - decided to draw for you.'

On more than one occasion Elisa and I - as surely other 'valid' artists - have encountered such ridiculous notions as 'media boundaries'... These even in supposedly liberal civil forums.

Imagine - for example - a highway where you HAD to drive a yellow car or access was denied?

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